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Painting for Decision-making

Lift the pressure off an important thought.

Workshop information:

Painting holds the power to give us clarity, self-awareness and new perspectives. Whether you're in a situation in life that requires you to make a big decision or simply desire a new and innovative approach to decision-making, our workshop is for you. All you need is to think of a situation you're in and we will guide you through our method which includes writing, critical thinking, and painting exercises. The exercises are designed to stimulate your creativity so you can approach decision-making with confidence and clarity. You might think you are not creative, or you can't paint, but don't worry. Our workshops do not require any previous painting experience, and are designed in a way to bring out the creativity present in all of us.

During the workshop, the participants will:

- Learn how painting can be used as a tool for critical thinking / problem-solving.

- Learn how to express your emotions and visualize thoughts.

- Learn the basics of the painting process.


The workshop environment is:

- Non-judgmental: We create a safe space for thought exchange.

- Open-minded: We encourage participants to think beyond rules.

- Relaxed: No pressure, no rush. This is an easygoing environment.

- Liberating: We break the stigma of "I am not an artist I can't paint."

- Private: We do not ask participants to explain their work if they don't want to.

- Inspiring: The participants will be guided by a professional artist.

We provide:

- Access to colors and painting material.

- Writing material.

- Protective equipment

- Two canvases.


Privacy Note: We do not ask you to share your situation or decision. Only you have control and access to what you write and input within the workshop space. Further details will be presented privately after you get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

What to expect:

What to know about our offering:


You contact us, we get to know each other.


We adapt the workshop to your needs/space/office.


We set a date.


We come to you.

We bring everything.


You keep the finished artwork.

Get in touch

Send us a message, and lets work together.

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