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Creative unleashing

Unwind, let go, and unleash the creativity inside you.

Workshop information:

The goal of this experience is to unleash the inner creativity present in every person. Each workshop participant is placed in an immersive environment where they can forget themselves in the painting process for a few hours. The approach is simple: each participant has access to colors, painting equipment, and one huge blank canvas. The rest is history. The objective is to allow a group of people to feel each member's creative potential, and then save it on a large-scale format. So if your team is looking to let off some steam, have fun, or explore a new approach towards creative thinking, this workshop works. No previous painting experience is required: The workshops at Rules of Three are custom-made to induce creativity. The participants are guided into the creative process.


During the workshop, the participants will:

- Express themselves and let go facing a large-scale canvas.

- Learn the basics of the painting process and get immersed in it.

- Explore various painting equipment.


The workshop environment is:

- Non-judgmental: We create a safe space for thought exchange.

- Open-minded: We encourage participants to think beyond rules.

- Relaxed: No pressure, no rush. This is an easygoing environment.

- Liberating: We break the stigma of "I am not an artist I can't paint."

- Private: We do not ask participants to explain their work if they don't want to.

- Inspiring: The participants will be guided by a professional artist.

We provide:

- Access to colors and painting material.

- Protective equipment for the participants.

- Apron to protect your clothes.

- Two 45cm x 45cm canvases.


Privacy Notice: Further details will be presented privately after you get in touch with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

What to expect:

What to know about our offering:


You contact us, we get to know each other.


We adapt the workshop to your needs/space/office.


We set a date.


We come to you.

We bring everything.


You keep the finished artwork.

Get in touch

Send us a message, and lets work together.

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