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Humans need painting.

Painting improves thinking.

Thinking improves humans.

We are
     Rules of Three

We make painting accessible.

From personal life choices to strategic business developments, painting provides the skills to build the necessary confidence in the face of making big decisions.


We believe in the power of painting

As a tool for self-discovery.

Painting helps individuals express their intuition. Giving them the ability to visualize their thought processes and understand themselves better.









We run a Three step formula

A simple equation designed to leave you with a deeper understanding of your thinking process.

Our method consists of 3 parts that include, writing, self-reflection exercises and painting that are designed to get you in a deeper connection with your creative side.

The outcome.
Painting collage.jpg

The outcome

Thought processes represented visually.

There is power in the ability to see how you think.

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